The 6 week Merudandasana Challenge

Hello Peoples,

It’s been awhile.  It’s so good to connect with you and kick off a new year feeling newly inspired!

My 2014 teaching year starts with a yoga asana challenge for my yoga pilates students.  I thought I would share the home practices with you, in case you would like to jump on board?  For optimum results, practice this three times a week (according to the exercise science, strengthening will work once a week but flexibility needs a little more attention).  While my students get the in-class demonstration of all the poses, if you’re doing this from a distance, feel free to ask me any questions on those practices you’re unfamiliar with, or Google is a great friend too.  Please note: full merudandasana is not suitable for people with sciatica, high blood pressure, heart conditions or slipped disc.

If you are joining us – PLEASE take a BEFORE photo after your first session in full merudandasana, so you can take another photo at the end of the 6 weeks and glory in your progress!!  You can start this challenge AT ANY LEVEL – you will progess no matter your starting point.  Watch it unfold!  (I will be posting my own before and after shots at the end of the challenge because I, myself, cannot do the full merudandasana (hamstrings and hips need work!)).  

Excited?  Yes!  A goal is always a great motivator and all the groundwork has been done for you here and you get it all for free!  Feel free to share if you have friends who might be interested!

Merudandasana (Spinal Column Pose) is purported to: tone the abdominal organs, especially the liver (for the wine/beer lovers among us…); strengthen the abdominal muscles (goodbye paunch!); stimulate intestinal peristalsis (ergo, helps you poo efficiently); strengthen and realign the spine (no more buzzard posture!); remove tiredness from the legs; strengthen the knees; and balance the entire nervous system.  Good Lord!  Why wouldn’t you have a go?



Keep your eyes peeled for Home Practices 2 & 3, which will progress the intensity levels and introduce new practices.  If you want a PDF of the home practice, shoot me an email and I’ll send you one.

Love to all.  Have fun!

Jen xx

(c) Copyright The Yoga Experiment, 2014.

p.s. As a teacher, feel free to use this home prac as a class plan.