The Morning Musings of a Jnana Yogi

If the witness observes the mind, who observes the witness?

If an objective of yoga is to renounce ‘I-ness’ (associations with identity) why don’t sanyasins just wear inconspicuous clothing like trackie dacks?

Are bhakti yogis attached to God?

Are karma yogis attached to selfless service?

Are jnana yogis attached to questioning?

Why do Om chants always end up at least a semi-tone lower than where they begin?

If the aim is to renounce everything, should we renounce renouncement?

How many days in a row can one eat dahl before one’s bowels explode?

Why is enlightenment the purpose of life?

How many yogis does it take to change a light bulb? (None.  They light a candle).

©The Yoga Experiment, 2012