The Merudandasana Challenge – Before & After (+ weeks 5 & 6)

Hello McFlys.  Guess what? – Mission ACCOMPLISHED!!

I hope you are as excited about my Before and After shots as I am.  This improvement came from 6 weeks of regular, graded practice targeting hip flexibility and core strength (3 times per week).  Now, the focus is on maintenance (a good, targeted hip stretch around 3 times a week).

There is monumental satisfaction (with a smidgeon of smugness) that comes from setting a goal, committing to the process, and achieving progress.  Of course, strictly yogically-speaking, we aim not to attach too much to outcomes – but well… to challenge the logic, that’s an attachment to an outcome in itself.  So, with that in mind…

LOOK WHAT I MADE IN MY BODY! {runs around like kermit waving arms in the air}.  

Everybody can PROGRESS their practice, regardless of age and ability.  Have a go yer mugs.  Take a before and after shot and send it to me!  Then we can all relish in your glory.




If you’d like to jump on board the Merudandasana Challenge, you can find Weeks 1-4 home pracs in my last two blogs.  Click here for Weeks 5 & 6.

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