Hello Reader!

My name is Jen Nicholson.  My connection with yoga evolved out of a personal experience with a challenging illness known as ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’.  I have found yoga useful for managing the illness and for existing as a human being in general.  My interest in yoga led me to study formally, attaining a Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Training.  Prior to that I studied for a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) to indulge some of my humanitarian leanings and have worked in that field in areas relating to women and children.

I’m very interested in philosophy, human psychology, science and critical thinking, and in the exploration of yoga in these contexts.  I wouldn’t consider myself as an ‘expert’ in yoga or an expert at life.  I see myself more as that insatiably curious, somewhat-trying student at the front of the classroom who’s always putting her hand up to ask questions and understand how things work.

This web site is an experiment in yoga for anybody who has a connection with yoga, or who wants to learn about it and/or try it.  It is an exploration of yoga philosophy, theory and method and how they can be applied to life.

I hope you find something in these pages especially for you.  Your comments, insights and observations are not only welcome but encouraged!

Hari Om Tat Sat!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this site.
    Where are you based ?
    I live in the ‘middle of nowhere’, there is not even a community yoga group so I try to practise on my own. Which is difficult because I’m self taught.

    • Hi Shelley. Thanks for your feedback. I’m in the northern beaches, Sydney. Soon to be mid-north coast of NSW though. Whereabouts are you? Have you seen the website My Yoga Online? You can stream and download videos of classes there which you might find useful. You can pay $10 a month and get access to heaps of videos and info. A lot of the classes are quite strong but you can find more safer, gentle ones among them. I find it a fabulous yoga resource. Even if you stick to the very basic yoga moves and perform them within a comfortable range of movement, you will be benefitting (like cat pose, easy cobra, joint rotations, lying spinal twists, things like that). I agree, it is easier when you have the support and motivation of a yoga community. I hope you keep on practising. Yoga is so lovely. 🙂

  2. Hi Jen, I’m in Parkes, central NSW. Lived in Sydney until about 2 years ago, grew up in Frenchs Forest and Belrose. Where are you heading on the mid-north coast ? I lived at Repton between Coffs Harbour and Bellingen nearly 20 years ago (boy does that make me feel old). I go back to Coffs fairly regularly. Have a friend who just finished his Diploma in Satyananda Yoga and teaches yoga at Woolgoolga.
    Thanks for the resource, I’ll certainly check it out.


    • Hi again Shelley.

      Is your friend Trinetra? I studied with him, finishing my diploma at the same time.

      I’m moving to Halliday’s Point – about 20 mins north of Forster.

      You’ve been everywhere huh? 🙂

  3. OMG, my friend IS Trinetra. I worked with him years ago in Sydney and have kept in touch. He’s a wonderfully generous man. He probably would be embarrassed to know how much of an inspiration he is to me.
    Halliday’s Point is a lovely part of the world. Good luck with your move. I’m sure we’ll talk again.
    I’d love to sign off ‘OM PREM’ but don’t feel worthy of that (yet).
    Shelley (aka Michelle if you’re talking to Trinetra)

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